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Green Hill Neighborhood Association Constitution and By-Laws


Last Revision:  9 February 2014



The purpose of this Association is to establish and maintain a community of high standards, to protect the health, welfare, and safety of our members, promoting solidarity, friendship, and recreation for our membership.  As the elected organization to represent the residents of Candlewood Park, the objective of the officers of the association shall be to provide guidance for the management, maintenance, and improvement of the community and property known as Candlewood Park District (CPD) and Candlewood Water District (CWD).  In addition, the association is the liaison between the residents and the Town of North Salem, New York State.  The Association listens to the residents and creates committees to investigate and formalize the requests. For these requests the Association performs two primary functions; for CPD/CWD projects that do not require any external assistance, the Association coordinates the volunteers and organization to see the project from start to completion. For projects that require external interaction with the Town of North Salem, Water Company and or projects that require the assistance of the Town of North Salem, the Association coordinates the volunteers and organization to investigate the level of interest among the residents.  If it is found that a positive level of interest is above 2/3rds of the residents, this information is then passed on to the Town of North Salem as a request and/or recommendation from the residents to move forward with the said project. The Candlewood Park Civic Association (CPCA) is the administrative organization that convenes the residents for discussion and voting on matters that affect the CPD/CWD


This document supersedes and nullifies all previous Constitutions and By-laws.



The name of our association shall be the Candlewood Park Civic Association, Inc. (CPCA)


ARTICLE II. Property

The property known as “Candlewood Park” is defined by all the land fronting on the street or highway known as Nash Road and bounded Northerly by the lands formerly of Hector Milella and by the land of M.C. Bohlen, and easterly by the land of W.C. Chanler and southeasterly by the above mentioned Nash road and westerly by the state highway known as Route 22 and northwesterly by the land of M.A. Goerl and I. Goerl., as shown on the map number 6487, filed with the Office of the County Clerk of Westchester, dated December 15th, 1947, prepared by Leonard Associates, Civil Engineers and Surveyors.  Specifically Candlewood Park is all property included as a separate taxing district in the Town of North Salem known as Candlewood Park.


ARTICLE III. Membership           

Any resident who has taken title to property within the confines of Candlewood Park is automatically a member of the Association.  Each title is entitled one vote.


Membership Fee – There is no mandatory membership fee.

A nominal voluntary donation may be requested to defray miscellaneous expenditures such as postage, stationary, copies, etc.



ARTICLE IV. Officers

The officers of the Association shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These officers shall also constitute the governing board of the Association and be known as the “Council of Officers”.   The terms of office shall be two years. Officer and Board Member positions are voluntary and unpaid.


Officers must be residents and property owners of Candlewood Park. Council positions shall be limited to one per household address.

a.                   President - the President shall preside at all meetings, regular or special. He shall appoint all committees unless the Association or Council of Officers makes other provisions for their selection. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees. The President shall perform any such other duties, which may be necessary or expedient for the well being of the Association.

b.                  Vice President - the Vice President shall serve as chairman for all meetings of the Association, regular or special, in the absence of the President.

c.                   Secretary - The Secretary shall keep a written record of all proceedings at both regular and special meetings of the Association and all committees, and shall attend to all official correspondence and communications, delivering or posting of notices, and filing of records.

d.                  Treasurer - The Treasurer shall be responsible for all monies of the Association; for the collection of any funds; for keeping accurate records of finance and for the payment of bills as authorized by the Association.

e.                  Succession of Officers - In the event of the death or resignation of the President, the Vice President shall fill the vacancy for the unexpired term. In the event of the death or the resignation of the Vice President, the Council shall elect one of its Officers to serve as Vice President for the unexpired term. In the event of the death or resignation of the Secretary or Treasurer, the Council shall elect a successor from among the Directors or from among the membership at large for the unexpired term. Vacancies for Council members during an unexpired term shall be either (a) elected by the Council from the General Membership, or (b) left unfilled until the next annual meeting, where a nomination and election shall fill the position. The determination of how to fill the vacancy shall be determined by the Council of Officers.



ARTICLE V. Council of Officers/Board of Directors

a.                   Membership - The Council of Officers shall be comprised of the officers of the Association as described above, and additionally at least three and no more than five directors, whose terms shall also be two years. Of these directors, there shall be an (a) ‘Nominating Director”, responsible for the organizing and overseeing of annual nominations and elections, (b) ”Property Director”, responsible for the maintenance and overseeing of all Association related property, including the lake and pond, (c) “Social Director”, responsible for organizing and overseeing Association social programs. These named directors shall be determined at the annual meeting. Additional future named directors may be determined as necessary for future Association business.  These directors may also operate as a committee if the Board of Directors or general membership feels it would be more advantageous in fulfilling their duties. 

b.                  Meetings – Scheduled meetings of the Council of Officers shall be at least once per quarter and/or as needed to carry out any and all duties of the Association.  These meetings may take place face to face, telephone conference call or other form of communication.

c.                   Non-Performance of Duties – In the event that a council member has performed an act of malfeasance toward the Association, the Council may vote by a 2/3 majority to discharge that council member from their position. For the purpose of this action, every council member must have a recorded vote. The position will then be filled for the remainder of the term as described in Section IVe above.


ARTICLE VI. Committees and Committee Members

a.                   Committees may be created and assembled by officers or directors on an as needed basis. 

b.                  The establishment of a committee only requires a motion and a second motion

c.                   Committees are intended to aid in the commencement and completion of an association project

d.                  Committees can be comprised of any resident of Candlewood Park. 



a.                     There shall be one regular Annual Meeting held by May 1st of each year.

b.         Special Meetings - Special meetings may be called by the Council of Officers at such times as are thought desirable or necessary. Five members of the Association may at any time petition in writing for a special meeting.

c.          Emergency Actions - Any action required to be taken at a meeting may be taken without a meeting in the event of an emergency, subsequently notifying the members.

d.         Notice - The secretary will notify members of a meeting no more than 30 and no less than 10 days in advance.

e.          Quorums - A roll call of one-fourth of the members shall be required for the purpose of a quorum.

f.          Resolutions - When a quorum is present, a two-thirds majority of the votes cast shall constitute a resolution.

g.         Procedures – Meeting procedures shall follow Parliamentary Procedure as outlined in the most current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.



a.                   Elections shall be held bi-annually at the annual meeting every other year, commencing in 2010.

b.                  Nominations - The Nominating Director shall deliver to all members a nominating ballot with the notice of the Meeting. All nominations shall be delivered to the nominating director no later than five days prior to the date of the Meeting. The nominees shall be voted at the Meeting by closed ballot, with the nominee receiving the highest number of votes, by members present and proxy, being elected. Incomplete ballots or non-voting present members shall not be counted toward the majority. Write-in votes are not allowed and will not be counted toward the majority.

c.                   Terms - The term for Officers elected shall be 2 years. In the unlikely event elections are not held, the current Board will remain until elections can be held.  Every effort shall be made to hold regular elections.

d.                  Term Commencement - Shall begin May 1st or immediately, should the existing board have exceeded the term of 2 years.

e.                  Term Limits – Terms are limited to 2 consecutive terms. Candidate may run for additional terms in that position with a break in service of one term.  Candidate may run for alternate position without break in service. Should an existing officer run unopposed, the term limits are waived for that election.

f.                    Proxy - Any member shall be entitled to give a written, witnessed proxy to another member. This proxy shall be delivered to the Secretary prior to the roll call at the meeting where the vote is being taken.


ARTICLE IX. Responsibilities

a.                   Candlewood Park Civic Association works on behalf of the residents to improve life in the community and is the liaison to the Town of North Salem and the Water Company.  The Association listens to the residents, creates committees to investigate and formalize the projects.  The Candlewood Park Civic Association (CPCA) is the administrative organization that convenes the residents for discussion and voting on matters that affect the CPD/CWD.

b.                  Types of Projects – There are two types of Projects.

1      Internal Projects - Projects that can be accomplished via internal donations and fund raising. 

2      External Projects - Projects that require external grants and/or town support.  Town support may or may not include a tax to the residents.

c.                   Voting and Recommendations – There are two types of votes:

1        Votes on Internal Project Requests – Voting is for general approval and consensus of the project.  This vote requires 2/3 of ALL residents.  Should the project be approved, funds may be raised through any voluntary method. There is no mandatory requirement for any resident to pay for the project.

2        Voting on External Project Requests – There are two types of requests.  A request to move forward on a project request or a request to halt an action by an external organization.

·             Vote to Move Forward - This vote is taken to determine whether or not to pass on a request to the North Salem Town board for its support and action.  Projects that are approved through a 2/3 vote of ALL residents are passed on to the town board as a formal request that is supported by the majority of the residents. This vote in itself does not guarantee that the project will be performed.  A majority vote of the Town Board is required.  CPCA can only make a request and demonstrate resident support for a project. This project may be funded through any one or combination of but not limited to the following: Grants, Taxes, Loans, etc…

·           Vote to Halt – This vote is taken in the event an external organization should desire to impose a condition on CPCA residents. Items that are desired to be HALTED through a 2/3 vote of ALL residents are passed on to the Town of North Salem as a formal request to cease and desist.  However, this organization (CPCA) recognizes that actions taken by the Town Board may proceed as decreed even if the CPCA votes to halt a project.  The scope of the CPCA authority is strictly advisory and as such cannot override the Town of North Salem if they deem an action necessary for the residents of the park district.  

d.                  Communicate updates with the residents on the projects.

e.                  To protect the health, welfare, safety of our members and prevent scheduling conflicts a CPCA board vote will be taken on all events. The Yea/Nay vote results will be passed on to the Town board in an advisory capacity.  Should a resident feel the CPCA board and or Town board has voted unjustly, they may take it upon themselves to get the signatures of the resident majority “2/3rds” and re-approach the CPCA board and town for reconsideration and support.


ARTICLE X. Expenditures and Appropriations

a.                   While the officer’s positions are voluntary, the Association still incurs expenses such as, stamps, paper, printing, party supplies, etc…

b.                  The Association’s operating expenses are raised via donations. 

c.                   A nominal voluntary donation to defray costs may be asked through donations to be raised though special events, special projects, meetings, etc…..

d.                  Any expenditure over $100 must be approved by a majority of the members at an Association meeting. All annual expenses shall be presented at the Annual Meeting. Vouchers for payment shall be signed by the Treasurer or President. Any one of the four officer positions (President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary) shall have veto power over non-routine expenditures pending the approval of the membership of the Association. Once the membership has approved the expenditure, veto power does not apply.


ARTICLE XI. Precedence

This code is subject to the laws and codes of the Town of North Salem and the New York State Code. Those laws and codes take precedence over this code if any portions are in conflict.


ARTICLE XII. Amendments

Any amendment, alteration, or repeal may be proposed by any member at any time, and shall be voted upon at a meeting of the members. If approved by a 2/3 vote, the change shall become a part of the bylaws.


ARTICLE XIII. Ratification

This Constitution shall be ratified with the signatures of 75% of the Homeowners of Candlewood Park.