Upcoming Events

League of Women Voters  Meet the School Board Candidates Event
Monday, May 5 at 7pm in the Katonah Library
* Candidates have yet to make their announcements.

Meet a Potential School Board Member
14 Green Hill, Date & Time TBD

School Board Meetings
April 22, May 8, May 22, June 5, June 19
May 8  Public Hearing on the School Budget
May 20  Vote for School Board Members & the 2014-2015 Budget

Lewisboro Town Board Meetings 
Dates :  April 21, May 5, May 19
7:30pm at the Town House, 11 Main St.,  South Salem  

Lewisboro Housing Board Meetings 
All meetings are the fourth Tuesday of every month.
7:30pm at the Town House, 11 Main St., South Salem

Neighborhood Events
Summer Party  TBD


Handy Contact Information

Lewisboro Town Board Meetings, click on the link below  


Housing Board Meetings:

Call Aimee Hodges at the Lewisboro Building Department       763-3060

Kat-Lew BoE Meetings, click the link below


Peter Parsons, Lewisboro Town Supervisor

supervisor@lewisborogov.com      763-3151


John Green came to Boston in 1635 from England.  His grandsons eventually came to own land in Somers and Bedford. Move forward to 1888 when brothers Caleb and Edward Green purchased a store in Golden's Bridge from Starr Ga Nun. They renamed it The Green Brothers Store.  Eventually, the family built a home on the land that is now our road.